Closet Cases – 4 Ways to Organize with Style

Client profile: The client was a lady who had a lot of purses, clothing, shoes and as a matter of fact this was an extra bedroom that was converted into a walk-in closet since her own master closet was too small and not work for her”

Design details: We user ¾ melamine in white, linen drawer and door fronts and stainless steel hardware. California Closets offer a lifetime warranty in all materials used.

Must: She had a lot of clothes and handbags. She enjoys wearing them but was unable to do so before. Her old closet was too small, her clothes and accessories did not fit and she was not able to see what she had. It looked cluttered and she spent a lot of time trying to find something when she needed it. Now she has open spaces, drawers and doors easier to organize her belongings in order to find them faster and keeping them in place.

Special Features: We wanted to keep the light and open to avoid making it look smaller; that is why we used a combination of doors and open spaces in different sections. The colors selection along with the open and closed areas highlights what she wanted to see, and hides what she preferred to keep behind doors (coats, luggage, etc.). The windows offer great light inside the room during the day, making it a very inviting room.

Length of project: Installation to place two weeks after the design process was finalized. The installation itself took two days.