Ana Maria Atias Design Creates Beautiful Homes

Decorating your home is a daunting task. Styles. Colors. Fabrics. The choices are overwhelming. That’s why many Weston homeowners seek help from Ana Maria Atias Design. Believing that “the space we live in should be our sanctuary”. Ana Maria can turn any room in your home into your dream room.

Ana Maria Atias, the owner of Anamaria Atias Design, provided answers to some commonly asked questions about the interior design business and her personal design philosophy.

How did you get into this field? I grew up in the industry. My mom used to have her own architecture and landscaping firm (Espacios). I actually have a degree in architecture and worked with my mother for many years in Venezuela, before I moved to Florida. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Once I graduated and got some experience I decided it was time for me to open my own firm: Espacios 3D Corp. That was nine years ago.

What made you change from architecture to interior design? I was always committed to formally finishing up all of my projects to the maximum extent of the details. Since architecture is more oriented to the shape and distribution of the space and inspecting construction, I felt that interior design would allow me to thoroughly complete the project from space planning to select materials and layouts (detailing) for flooring and color schemes, until the last arrangement of a coffee table.

What is your design philosophy? My philosophy is to create clean designs that are functional and livable yet also beautiful and very cozy. My main goal is to interpret the client’s wishes, capturing their basic needs and delivering a final product that is amazing and creative space.

What services do you offer? I offer residential design. When designing a residence I like to incorporate all aspects, from landscaping and exterior materials, color and textures, interior and exterior space planning up to the location of accessories.

Do you offer any services beyond interior design? I provide my clients my professional support in all areas related to space planning, remodeling, lighting design, detail and closet designs, flooring, bathroom, and cabinet design, coordinating finishes, getting estimates from subcontractors, hiring, conducting and managing projects and logistics. I also offer furniture placement, accessorizing, custom-made window treatments and bedding. Basically, all of the final touches to make a home out of a house.

Do you offer design consultation or only project work? I assist my clients in all their interior design needs, from design consultation to managing a whole remodeling project, including shopping services and advice in certain specific areas and materials.

How are you paid? Are you paid hourly, per project, etc.? Because of the wide variety of aspects my career involves I decided to adjust my fees depending on the client needs. For example, if they only need a consultation, I would charge an hourly fee. If they only want window treatments, they only pay the cost of labor, materials, and installation of the treatment suggested by me and previously approved by them.

Do you work with clients of all budgets? Absolutely! It actually makes my job easier if we discuss the budget so we can find the appropriate materials, designs, and workroom of each client.

What is your favorite type of design project? Personally, I love what I do. Everything in my field is fascinating and the biggest motivation for me is to have a happy client!!! I enjoy all the resources available nowadays. Interior design is really exciting.

Do you have your own contractors/installers? During all these years of working in the industry and market, I have contractors for all specialties. I can recommend licensed and insured electricians, plumbers, cabinet makers, even audio and video specialists. I am happy to recommend multiple contractors or estimates and let the client choose who they want to complete their project. If the client already has the contractor and only needs my professional expertise to design details, select materials and supervise the construction process, that’s okay too.

What design trends do you see for 2012? Design trends are heading to safe, traditional and comforting looks, especially color wise. The biggest neutrals are from gray to camel, but the accents tend to get trendier. We are seeing bold colors such as acid green, crimson and amethyst as accent pieces. I believe it is always important to take into consideration the “green wave” we are all trying to achieve. The user of environmentally safe materials is always a smart approach to design.

Anything else you would like our readers to know about you or your services? Over the years I have traveled extensively and consider myself, and my staff, to be multicultural designers able to understand different cultures and philosophies. This background gives us a wider perspective when it comes to analyzing and developing each unique design project.