Anamaria Atias Design helps create a bright and positive environment

Anamaría Atías started her own design firm in 2003 after having developed her graphic, technical, and organizational skills at two already-established firms in Florida. Now, with almost 20 years of experience, she is fully committed to meticulous attention to detail, as well as working hand in hand with her clients to ensure total project satisfaction.

“We feel at peace when a house is clean and tidy and there’s a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table, but there’s actual science behind how your brain reacts to design,” Anamaría said. “It’s called neuro-architecture, and it’s the study of how the body and brain respond to the built environment. This design principle is regularly applied to hospitals, schools, and the workplace, but the same principles can also be applied to your home to create a bright and positive environment.”

Anamaría’s area of expertise is residential design, and she’s an expert at everything from space planning, color and material selection, and furniture to lighting fixture options, custom-made window treatments, and accessories. What sets Anamaría Atías Design apart from other firms is not only her degree in architecture (from Universidad Central de Venezuela) but also her multi-cultural perspective.

“I grew up surrounded by creative and innovative concepts of space,” Anamaría said. “My mom had her own architecture and landscaping firm (Espacios) in Caracas, Venezuela. For me, designing and assisting people to improve their home space is my passion. It is very satisfying to see how much one can improve the quality of life of a family or an office team by creating spaces with harmony and attune with the client’s vision.”

By applying the concept of neuro-architecture to her designs, Anamaría is able to meet her client’s wants and needs. It brings her great joy and a sense of pride to be able to touch people’s lives just by beautifying their environments. She also lives in Weston, so she loves to promote her neighbors, as well as other fellow small business owners. She even dedicated a section on her Instagram account (@ana-mariaatiasdesign) for #lovelocal news and updates.

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